Bat Attack

The Bat Attack is an incredibly clean and efficient modified mallet-style putter with distinctive heel-toe wings designed for improved alignment and consistency. 

FacePlate Insert

The Key to Consistency

The Bat Attack is an incredibly clean and efficient putter design, for improved alignment and consistency. The Bat Attack features a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum body with heavy weighted heel-toe wings. The wings are set exactly a golf ball width apart and are designed to assist with alignment and increase MOI for greater forgiveness. Crafted with a stainless steel milled-insert face and leveraging PXG’s ground-breaking TPE core technology, Bat Attack delivers an incredible feel and more consistent performance across the face. The wings for the 350-gram weight option are constructed from stainless steel. Higher density tungsten wings allow for two heavier weight options, 375- and 400-grams.


The addition of TPE provides not only a better sound and feel, but also a consistent response across the entire face. The mass is distributed more efficiently, yielding a higher MOI, which helps the golfer maintain distance control even on miss-hit putts by reducing the amount of twisting on impact.

Shaft Options

Bat Attack

The double-bend shaft creates a half shaft of offset with a face-balanced hang angle. This model is best for players with a straight-back-straight-through stroke.

Bat Attack H

The hosel neck is heel-shafted with a half shaft of offset and mid toe-down hang angle. The Bat Attack H is best suited for players with an open-to-close, arc-style stroke.

Bat Attack P

The plumber’s neck shaft creates a full shaft of offset with a slightly toe-down hang angle. This versatile model is suited for players with a variety of stroke types.


Available Club Head Finishes

Bat Attack is available in Black & Chrome or a limited edition Darkness finish.

The Darkness finish is a sleek, black finish featuring a carefully-milled skull insignia and the number 26, which represents the 26th Marine Corps Regiment that PXG founder Bob Parsons served with during the Vietnam War. The limited edition Bat Attack Darkness comes with a custom darkness grip and signature head cover. Other grips available upon request.

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