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Golf Clubs

Three Ways to Power
Your Performance

PXG 0811 GEN4 Drivers
Discount pricing is $399 $389 Original price was $529
GEN4 0811 X
GEN4 0811 XF
GEN4 0811 XT

"Every shot sounds like you delivered a gut-punch to the golf ball."


"Finely tuned details will translate to on-course performance."



3 Ways to Play

Get ready to crush your limits. The new 0811 GEN4 Drivers are available in three models – XT, X and XF – with advanced technology and fitting options that deliver exceptional power, distance and forgiveness.

GEN4 0811 XT Driver

XTreme Tour for Better Players

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GEN4 0811 X Driver

Next Level Performance

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GEN4 0811 XF Driver

XTreme Forgiveness

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Aerodynamic shape for speed and distance

Ideal mix of distance and forgiveness

Maximum forgiveness and power

Head Shape

Tear Drop Head Shape

Tour inspired tear drop head designs

Low Spin Head

Moderate, balanced head design

Larger Profile Head

Confidence inspiring larger head design maximizes distance and forgiveness

Side Profile

Reduces Drag

Shallow face with more parallel crown and sole

High Launch/
Low Spin

Aggresively sloped crown lowers CG position

Maximum forgive-

Lower side profile with deep front-to-back shape increases MOI

Face Shape

Shallower Face

Reduces drag forces to increase ball speed

Deep Face

Optimized for high launch, low spin performance

Longer Face

Expands hitting zone and improves mishit performance

GEN4 Drivers
Performance Summary

Empty cell Club Head
Launch Spin Total
0811 XT GEN4 100 148.2 13.7 2540 282.7 855
0811 X GEN4 100 147.4 13.8 2250 286.7 522
0811 XF GEN4 100 146.8 13.9 2700 276.4 452
0811 X Proto 100 147.1 13.7 2430 281.7 550

Fitting Options

PXG GEN4 Golf Clubs

Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons featuring exciting new innovations and patented new breakthroughs that give you unbelievable distance, pinpoint accuracy, and an explosive sound and feel.

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