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PXG. Soar into spring.

Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

The PXG Spring/Summer 2021 Collection presents sport fashion for golf and active endeavors beyond the course. Bold designs and distinctive details invite us to leave the interior world behind and bask in breezy afternoons with endless blue skies–brought to life through our performance comfort, functional versatility and effortless fashion. These are the Elements of Style and it’s our way to lift you up as you soar into spring.

It’s a new year, where blue skies and wide-open possibilities shine brightly before us. Fittingly, PXG’s signature color for Spring/Summer 2021 is Paratrooper Blue, inviting us to take an energetic leap of faith while calmly reassuring us that we’ll land on our feet. This vibrant hue ​ is hopeful, exhilarating, and reassuring—everything we need to ​soar through the season.

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